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El Paso TX 79924 US

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Organizational Day


Bigg's Army Airfield

in Ft Bliss,Tx

Task Force 3rd Battalion, 3rd Air Defense Artillery Counter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar held an organizational day at Biggs Park, Apr. 17.

This is the first organizational day the unit has enjoyed since returning from their 12-month rotation. The day was both to welcome home the battalion and build unit cohesion.

The day began with an award presentation recognizing the many Soldiers, civilians and business partners that aided the battalion. Williams, the TF 3-3 ADA C-RAM commander and command sergeant major respectively presented awards to their business partner, Costco, the unit family readiness group and the rear detachment command team for their efforts during the deployment and towards the organizational day.

After the presentations, Soldiers enjoyed a steak lunch provided by the All American Beef Battalion. Soldiers received a rib-eye cut steak, baked potato, corn, bread rolls, potato chips, and cookies. The All American Beef Battalion travels all over America serving Soldiers steak meal.

“Service members do so much for us and our country, this is just a small way for us to give back,” said Bill Broadie, a former Marine, Vietnam Veteran and the All American Beef Battalion founder and chairman. “It’s our pleasure to serve these Soldiers the best meal in the world: a steak.”

Soldiers and their families enjoyed a variety of activities after lunch.

For the children, the battalion brought in Z-Z the Clown and Company to play his DJ Sound System Music, make balloon animals and face painting. They also jumped in inflated jump palaces.

We had a Great Time with our Service members and their families


Cpt Simons and Ms. Filza Hall

who recommended us into the event at Bigg's Army Field in Ft Bliss, Texas